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Simraceway is an online race car simulation game for Windows
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Simraceway is an online race car simulation game for Windows. It offers realistic race mechanics with models after real cars. It can be played with the keyboard or a joystick, however, it is recommended that you use a gaming steering wheel for the best simulation experience.

Right from the beginning you can see the quality of the whole simulation aspect. Every car is perfectly designed to the last detail, every track is also very accurate. The physics of the game is very real and even the damage your car takes is outstandingly accurate. The game is suited for hardcore racing fans and for people who just want to admire cars and enjoy racing. You can choose between many difficulty settings ranging from beginner which is the lowest, to veteran which is the highest. You can also create a custom difficulty level if you wish.

The gameplay is full of fun and quite competitive. You first begin with only two vehicles, a BMW Z4 GT3 and a Mitsubishi EVO X. Participating and winning in a lot of races will earn you points or real money. With those you can buy new cars from the garage. I really liked the fact that participating in some events with real cash prizes is free. Basically it is a very nice reward system for good players. Every race you participate in is recorded. You can also watch other people's replays if you want to. Another nice feature of the game is that you can see the global rankings. You can see who won the most races, cash or points.

Simraceway is by far one of the best race car simulations I've ever played. The fact that you can also win money while enjoying the game is a huge bonus.

Dennis Niels
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  • Good physics engine
  • Very good car model design
  • Realistic racing mechanics
  • The possibility to earn cash prizes


  • Requires a joystick or a steering wheel to fully experience the game
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